Motion Graphics &

Video Production workshop


Up your design & advertising game with our newly crafted 3D Motion Graphics & Video Production workshop where we put 2 Professional Workshops together seamlessly to create a programme that will help push you to the next level of graphics creation.

You will learn skills like the Maya Interface, After Effect, Premier Pro Interface etc. and how to make them work together to create that stunning piece of work to capture your audiences' imagination.

With industry experts expecting video content to be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic by end 2019, having the ability to create captivating videos has never been more critical.

MAD talents always get it first, and better.

Existing students studying in MAD School will enjoy an early bird discount of $500 off the total course fee when you register yourself online below.


Learn. Conceptualize. Execute. Repeat.

Our project-based-no-examinations learning methodology makes sure real skills are being transferred from our practitioner-trainers to our students effectively, and that every student who graduates from the programme not only knows how to execute, but also thoroughly enjoyed the process.

3D Motion Graphics

The aim of this workshop is to introduce students to a wide range of skills, techniques and concepts that will allow for the production of 3D motion graphics using Maya.

Understand the workflow for the production of 3D motion graphics

Translating ideas into storyboard format, followed by motion video pieces

Understanding 3D camera movements & animations

Create procedural effects with MASH

Create, deform & animate different 3D elements

Apply texture, shaders & render 3D scenes

Video Production

This 10-session workshop will allow students to be able to use Adobe Premier Pro for the production of video and audio.


Students will learn learn about various techniques and how to story-tell using videos.

Understand the workflow for video production

Translating ideas into storyboard format, followed by video pieces

Understanding composition & cinematography techniques

Understanding & applying the psychology of editing and related techniques

Apply colour correction, grading & transitions

Editing audio & integration


This programme will start on the 27th Sep 2018 with 1 class per week, from 7pm to 10pm. With a total of 20 classes, students will learn 2 highly sought after skills and graduate with 2 certificates on 3D Motion Graphics & Video Production.

20 sessions.

7pm - 10pm. Once / week.

2 skills+certs.

Course fee for existing MAD Student will be reduced from the listed price of $1,600 to only $1,100 if you sign up online below.


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