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Commercial Photography

A veteran in the world of commercial photography, Michael Teo has been in the industry for over 33 years, spending the last 18 of them based in Shanghai.

Born in Singapore and starting out as a photographer’s assistant, Michael was given the opportunity to further study Photography in Japan, with terms of a bond period with his company. He accepted the condition and thus began his journey as a photographer.

Throughout his commercial career, Michael has shot across different industries. From Auto Mobil, Cosmetic, Jewelry, F&B, Electrical Appliances, etc, he has worked with an extensive list of clients, not limiting to VW; Suzuki; Volvo; Estee Lauder; Lancome; Chanel; Apple; Siemens; Sony; Nikon; Fuji; Olympus to name a few.

Join Michael for an evening of sharing as he talks about the time he produced a cookbook with Celebrity Chef, Jeremy Leong, all the way to the latest tech employed in commercial photography today, such as drones and giant LED background screens.

If you are interested in photography or are considering taking up a photography course in Singapore, do not miss this!




29 Sep 2022, Thursday

7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.A.D. School

30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282

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