Do you understand today’s consumer market – in particular the Millennials in the Asian market?

How can you create viral-worthy, innovation-driven creativity via emotion design?

Is there a need to redesign for the e-commerce landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia?

The purpose of this 3-day workshop is to elevate the innate ability of designers to solve problems with their design skill sets for print and digital design to a level where they can actively design solutions for social extemporises, platforms or apps, start-ups as well as gaming-related companies.


They are also expected to apply their design thinking into brand design, consumer profile design and engagement to be well-rounded professionals who can combine best practices in design and business.

Professional Workshop in Creative Strategies

  • Understanding today’s consumer market – Millennials

  • New experiential economy driven by shared communal experiences. Case Studies: Uber and AirBnB

  • Leverage on millennial habits for E-commerce and M-commerce start-up ideas

  • Optimising PR in social marketing

  • Understanding fragmented media landscape and how it shapes design & message strategies

  • Designing brand experiences across emerging media

  • Turn storytelling into better video marketing creativity

  • Designer’s roles and opportunities in e-commerce landscape

  • Design for retail and shopper marketing

  • Case Study: China - Designing for start-ups, apps and platforms

  • Design brand methodology in reference to TED insights and trends

  • Gaming design and gamifiction to drive business initiatives

  • Success stories of best practices in U/X and UI



3 days/ 9.00am - 6.00pm

Upon completion of the course, eligible participants will be issued a certificate for professional workshop in Creative Strategies 

Course Fee


After Subsidy

Singaporean / PR


Learning Outcome

  • Elevating designers from design execution to design thinker that shapes the new economy with creative technology and communal experiences

  • Creating viral-worthy, innovation-driven creativity via emotion design

  • Designing business models that are B2C2B or B2B2C

  • Designing for the e-commerce landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia

  • Using design to transform retail and shopper marketing

  • Understanding the regional development: Startups, apps and platforms for the largest Asia country: China

  • Understanding gaming design to drive user acceptance and brand marketing in China and Asia

  • Transforming from print-based grid design thinking to develop digital-driven design skill sets

  • Understanding design for both Android and IOS mobile apps and its development in Asia

Course Delivery

  1. Lecture

  2. Group Discussion and Pitching

  3. Group Workshop

  4. Case Studies

  5. Ideation and Practice

Who should join?

Designers, Creative directors, Marketing professionals, Business owners,  Media planners, Strategists, Business development managers, Key decision makers etc.

About Trainer

Kestrel Lee



Kestrel Lee is the Executive Creative Director for George P Johnson, Greater China, focusing on digital, mobile and integrated marketing. He has 15 years of experience in leading integrated, social media and digital campaigns in Asia. He has won over 100 awards for global brands in China and Asia such as Mars, Adidas, Martell VSOP and HP.


Beside advising L'Oreal Asia Pacific and Unileve on digital matter, Kestrel is also an invited correspondent with Thoughtful China, Shanghai Business Bureau and China Adsmack on ecommerce, omni-channel marketing and big data.


A true pioneer in social media, SEO / SEM, gaming, video and mobile advertising, Kestrel Lee has led award winning digital & integrated campaigns for global brands: Mars, Unilever, HP, Microsoft, Adidas, Porsche, StandChart with disruptive thinking like hacking into Facebook to create his own banner:


His Martell VSOP Ultimate Start-up Space campaign attained 26.3 million search listings while his Facebook game on Adidas football's global Facebook page recruited 130,000+ fans in 6 weeks WITHOUT paid media.


Kestrel has led China's first 360 integrated campaign with TVCs, print, outdoor, social media, online video, website, mobile apps for Dove Chocolates, winning China's first mobile app award at the world renowned South by Southwest in 2012. His other Dove Chocolates' Love Carriage project was China's 1st organic viral social campaign using zero paid media. He followed his Dove work with Unilever's first viral video campaign in China with the highest marks attained in focus group testing. The videos quickly gained 16 million views and 16,000 comments on social media within just 2 weeks after their launch on Youku/Tudou.


Winning over 100 digital and integrated awards at award shows i.e One Show and Spikes Asia, he started in 1999 as an English-Chinese copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH, Y&R etc. Since 2006, he worked at digital-led integrated agencies such as Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, FCBi, TBWA/Tequila and SapientNitro.

Some campaigns by Kestrel

Parkson WeChat Viral Campaign

Adidas Trophy Raider Campaign

Dove Chocolate Augmented Reality Gifting Campaign

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