Hong Kong Protests - Could Data Foretell the Uprising? 
How marketing can use data to make decisions.

One could postulate that if the Hong Kong government had conducted the equivalent of what Cambridge Analytica did for the Trump presidential campaign, the protests might have been prevented. 

Marketing without data can be quite disastrous, just like what happened to the Hong Kong government not paying attention to the plights of the people. Marketers will be groping in the dark, making guesses about many things and hoping that it will work out eventually.

“We cannot improve if we don’t measure”. This wisdom cannot go unheeded else companies will throw good money after bad marketing. Measurement is not possible without data.

This talk will cover the following topics:


  • Data - your strategic marketing differentiator

  • Marketing technology plays a critical role in data management – demo included

  • The benefits of unifying sales and marketing functions

Join us for a thoughtful night about data and marketing


Teng Chuan Hiang

Chuan is the Managing Partner and founder of InterAktiv Technology Pte Ltd. InterAktiv is a consulting and implementation firm specialised in digitalisation of customer experience journey. 


  • Top 3 Business Partner in ASEAN for Sourced Partner for Salesforce.com in 2009 – Generated the most revenue for sourced leads 

  • Best IBM Software Partner in 1999 – Generated the most revenue for IBM Software in ASEAN 

  • Greatest Business Impact Award by IBM Software 1999 

  • Developed the first e-Wallet system in Singapore 


29 Aug 2019, Thursday

7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.A.D. School

30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282