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Professional Workshop in Social Media Marketing

This course comprises of the below essential skills for digital marketing across social media platform.


Apart from being trained to become a strong social media practitioner, some useful skills which you can expect to acquire from this course are:


  • Social Media Readiness Assessment of an Organisation

  • Marketing on various social media platforms e.g. Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Conversation Management & Community Building

  • Microblogging and Influencer Management


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Professional Workshop in Digital Marketing

This course comprises of the below essential skills for digital marketing across various platform. Apart from conceptualizing and executing a digital strategy, this course will also touch on:


  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

  • Google Ad search PPC, display, YouTube ads 

  • Mobile marketing

  • Email marketing (EDM)

  • Google Analytics

  • Customer-relationship management platform (CRM)

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Professional Workshop in Content Creation & Marketing (storytelling)

This course comprises of the below essential skills for effective storytelling through different media:


  • Learning about SEO and use of platforms to monitor data

  • Understanding the trending topics to better decide what kind of content to create & curate

  • Introduction to Digital Storytelling & the types of stories

  • Developing your storytelling concept/campaign 

  • Tone of voice & small production budgeting

  • Choosing the right tool: Producing, 
    editing & post production of a short video using simple equipment

  • Drawing the right visuals to drive the message

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Professional Workshop in Copywriting

This course comprises of the below essential skills for effective copywriting across various platform:


  • The Copywriter

  • Grammar and usage

  • Styles and target audience

  • What to say (meetings, presentations and in creative briefs)

  • Techniques

  • Writing for integrated marketing communications

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Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing


Join our Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing programme to understand more about crafting your O-2-O brand communication strategy, find out about the latest technology & available platforms, learn about digital marketing strategies for senior management and more.

The modules include:

  • Customer Behavioral Insights with Data Intelligence

  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping and Design (O2O)

  • Strategic Digital Marketing for Senior Mgmt

  • Trending Technologies for Marketers

  • O2O Brand Communication Strategy

  • Practicum Project with Mentorship

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“What I can definitely vouch for that the content is as current as it can get and the insights that you get from industry insiders in the various additional workshops are extra perks of this course.”


—  Niti Gupta, Data Analyst at Autodesk, Singapore

"When I was in England (pursuing my degree in Buckinghamshire New University after my diploma in MAD School), I found out that I am a step ahead of all my peers."



—  Tommy Lai, Creative at R/GA


Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

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