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Diploma in Digital Marketing

SEO. SEM. Influencer Marketing. Content Marketing.
Brand Communication. Social Media Marketing. Content Creation. Copywriting. Web Coding.
Storytelling. Remarketing.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing course is a comprehensive programme, integrating both strategic communication techniques and pragmatic approaches, to prepare you well to face marketing challenges in the digital world.


Be it whether you are a newbie to digital marketing or a hot-seated marketer who is learning on the job, you will benefit from this well-thought-out communications programme that builds you a strong foundation in digital marketing. 


How digital technology changes our buying behaviours, what is social listening, how to develop content that builds your digital assets and more.  It is also an equipping workshop that demands your creative muscle, polishes your art of storytelling and executes your great plans into published digital work.

Promotion Mechanism

Learn. Execute. Discuss. Repeat.

Our project-based-no-examinations learning methodology makes sure real skills are being transferred from our practitioner-trainers to our students effectively, and that every student who graduates from the programme not only knows how to execute, but also thoroughly enjoyed the process of completing all the 6 modules.


Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing in today’s marketplace? Understand Owned, Earned and Paid Media, techniques for search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to measure the success of search engine marketing (SEM).


Students will also learn about how to use a framework of profiling digital audiences in strategising your digital plan.

Content Creation & Marketing (storytelling)

Content is king, conversation is Queen. It is science to understand your audience, it is an art to make them follow you. You will learn what content marketing is and how to engage your online community through storytelling.


This module comprises of essential skills like choosing the right tools, the art of telling a story, tone of voice, small production budgeting etc.  for effective storytelling via different media.

Social Media Marketing

Apart from being trained to become a strong social media practitioner, some useful skills which you can expect to acquire from this course are:


  • Content Creation

  • Conversation Management & Community Building

  • Microblogging and Influencer Management

  • Social Media Readiness Assessment of an Organisation

  • Social Media for Event Marketing


The Branding module covers the important aspects of branding. Students will learn how to build a branding campaign by understanding the fundamental concepts of branding and how it works.


This module will also be focusing mainly on areas such as what makes a brand, its worth, the business and creative sides, brand image, personality, identity and equity.

Innovative Marketing

The Innovative Marketing module introduces fundamental but industry relevant marketing concepts and framework. 

Students will learn to perform accurate consumer research through qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, the importance of market segmentation and how it influences message development. Students will also learn about Omni-channel marketing, inbound marketing and how analyzed data plays a strategic role in the new world marketing.​


The Copywriting module is a dynamic and highly collaborative class that gives students plenty of discussion and practice opportunities. Not only will they master the different techniques of copywriting, students will learn creative concepts that sell.


For those interested in pursuing a career in advertising, it will introduce them to life working in an agency. For others, this is a chance to pick up the skills of creating attention, stirring interest, prompting desire and inducing action with their persuasive writing.

Add-ons for upcoming intake

All sign up for the diploma programme this month will be entitled to a free Professional Workshop in Web Coding where you will learn web coding (e.g. HTML/CSS), being able to design & publish a landing page for digital tactical purposes, edit existing website and manage the web server.

featured trainers



As Managing Director of digital agency NEO360, Shei Wah aims to establish the agency in all of the world’s major cities. 


A mechanical engineer by training who graduated from the Nanyang Technological University and with over 15 years of experience working in Start-Ups, SMEs and MNCs, he has also driven sales revenue and leads across the Asia Pacific region. Shei Wah was one of the SEO Speakers at the first Search Engine Strategies Conference 2011 held in Singapore.


Robert Gaxiola is an advertising creative director and founder of Singapore agency ManghamGaxiola. The agency has recently entered into a purchase agreement with the Dentsu Aegis Network and added McGarryBowen to their names on the door.


Prior to that, he worked under much bigger names such as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Bates 141, FCB and Disney. His last job prior to setting his own shop was the Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather Singapore.


Spending more than 20 years in the AdMarcom industry, Angela has held leadership positions for over a decade, in the APAC region, with MNC agencies, South China Morning Post Group and Global Luxury Group, LVMH.


After becoming the founder of her own start-up Antrepod, she was named one of the finalists for 2011 Australia China Alumni Awards for ‘Women In Leadership’.

Professional Workshops

This programme will have 2 classes per week, from 7pm to 10pm. 

Signing up for the upcoming intake will also entitle you for the complimentary professional workshop on web coding (worth $1,450). Course fee is eligible for SkillsFuture funding.

9 months.

6 modules.

7pm - 10pm.

Twice / week.

+1 free workshop.


Being industry players, active in their respective fields, our lecturers stay abreast with their fast-evolving industries and impart their most up-to-date knowledge to students. 


Featuring an array of award winners, from recipients of internationally acclaimed creative awards to honorable media accolades, our lecturers are well- versed in the do’s and don’ts in winning awards, and use only such lofty standards as benchmarks for their teaching.


MadGlobal subscribes to that, connecting us to the matrix of The globalized world. It’s an independent entity armed with an altruistic vision of exposing students all over world to all things creative, sans geographical boundaries.


From overseas trips to competitions, our students get to go to cities & countries  like New York, South Korea, Thailand to attend specially curated classes & events that will help them understand the industry from different perspectives better.


At Awards Lab, everyone’s a winner! Even without bagging an award. It’s a boiler room where students are subject to the rigours of agency environment. And the demands of producing award-winning work.


Awards or not, walk away with a winning portfolio.



and many more....

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