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- attendees gave an average of 93% approval for Andrew's workshop

Connecting the right bloggers, instagramers and youtubers to your brand.

Influencer Marketing is a vital component of content strategy within the marketing mix. It is about conveying your key messages through the people of influence within the social media sphere by co-creating content relevant to your target audience. The objectives may be as diverse as branding, engagement, awareness or purchase.


The rules of engaging influencers are the same. Influencers are not brand ambassadors but they serve specific purposes and have the potential to become your strategic social partners in communicating your branding.



1. Organize an effective influencer marketing campaign

2. Co-create content with the relevant influencers for various objectives

3. Measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing

Prerequisite: Attendees must have basic knowledge of digital marketing or have done simple marketing using digital means.


Andrew Chow is a social media strategist, life coach and author, with 2 best-selling books on Digital Marketing & Public Relations under his belt. His 23 years of practice and style of training have made him one of the most sought-after speakers/trainer in Asia.


Andrew also belongs to the top 1% of LinkedIn in his industry with a Social Selling Index of 85 on the average.


30 June 2016


7.00pm - 10.00pm

Course Fee



"Andrew is enthusiastic and passionate. His sharing and examples made digital marketing an easy-to-grasp world for me."

- Tham Zhi Yin, attendee of workshop

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