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Miss studying in M.A.D. School and, at the same time, wants to upgrade your skill set?

In celebrating our current batch students' win of 1 Gold, 7 Silvers, 1 Bronze & 3 finalists, all alumni of M.A.D. School can take up any professional workshop for a promotional course fee of only $650


New and updated syllabus

All syllabus are updated on a very regular basis with inputs from our industrial folks so don't miss this chance for an upgrade or even a refresher! 


* Some workshops are SkillsFuture eligible


5 Oct


Which area would you like to upgrade?

Visual Communication

This workshop allows students to explore and embark on their creative journey to discover and cultivate what it takes to become a successful visual communication designer...

Digital Studios I​


This workshop introduces students to the essential vector drawing tools to unlock their creative potential with Adobe Illustrator while...

Digital Studios I​I


This workshop introduces students to the professional practice and experts’ choice of digital image editing, manipulation, and photo retouching tools...

Typography and

Communication Design

This workshop provides students with the theoretical and practical experiences of typography as a visual language and its application in visual communication...

Corporate Identity and Design

This workshop will provide students the science behind every corporation’s ‘persona’. Besides creating the corporate personality, the module also explores the components of a corporate...

Packaging and Print Technology

This workshop offers students an in-depth study of the principles of packaging design and the design process from concepts to three-dimensional forms. Not only will students explore key concepts...

Editorial Design

This workshop introduces students the digital publishing tools and techniques for publications design and gains insights into the professional practice of publication designers...

Web Interface Design

This workshop introduces students to the industry standard of web design using basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Throughout the course, students are introduced to the planning,

Innovative Marketing​

The Innovative Marketing workshop introduces fundamental but industry relevant marketing concepts and framework. Students will learn...

21st Century Advertising

The 21st Century Advertising workshop will be covering on advertising concepts & theories and the world of advertising & ad agencies;...

Creative Thinking

The Creative Thinking workshop is a place where students are taught the methods to construct, create and develop ideas, which can be...


The Copywriting workshop is a dynamic and highly collaborative class that gives students plenty of discussion and practice opportunities. Not only will...


The Branding workshop covers the important aspects of branding. Students will learn how to build a branding campaign by understanding the fundamental concepts of branding...

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing workshop offers a complete coverage of what it takes to become a successful digital marketer. What is digital marketing in today’s marketplace? Understanding Owned...

TVC (Concept + Development)

The TVC (Concept + Development) workshop is an introduction to TV advertising medium. Understanding what it’s best for, how has it developed, how has it evolved. Students will learn...

Social Media Marketing​

  • Content Creation

  • Conversation Management & Community Building

  • Microblogging and Influencer Management

  • Social Media Readiness Assessment of an Organisation

  • Social Media for Event Marketing

Content Marketing and Creation


  • Choosing the right tools

  • The art of telling a story

  • Tone of voice

  • Small production budgeting

  • Producing, editing & post production of a short video using simple equipment

  • Drawing the right visuals to drive the message

  • Using social media to promote your content

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