1. Applicants are to be aged 16 or above when applying

2. GCE ‘O’ level with minimum 3 credits (C6) or equivalent 

3. GCE ‘N’ level with minimum of C6 for English or equivalent

4. Applicants not meeting the entry requirements will need to undergo an interview


Another country: with valid Visa 

For more information for other countries, click here


2 classes per week


7:00pm - 10:00pm



The Copywriting module is a dynamic and highly collaborative class that gives students plenty of discussion and practice opportunities. Not only will they master the different techniques of copywriting, students will learn creative concepts that sell. For those interested in pursuing a career in advertising, it will introduce them to life working in an agency. For others, this is a chance to pick up the skills of creating attention, stirring interest, prompting desire and inducing action with their persuasive writing.

Digital Marketing


The Digital Marketing module offers a complete coverage of what it takes to become a successful digital marketer. What is digital marketing in today’s marketplace? Understanding Owned, Earned and Paid Media. Techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) and how to measure the success of search engine marketing (SEM). Using a framework of profiling digital audiences in strategising your digital plan.

Innovative Marketing


The Innovative Marketing module introduces fundamental but industry relevant marketing concepts and framework. 

Students will learn to perform accurate consumer research through qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, the importance of market segmentation and how it influences message development. Students will also learn about Omni-channel marketing, inbound marketing and how analyzed data plays a strategic role in the new world marketing.​


The Branding module covers the important aspects of branding. Students will learn how to build a branding campaign by understanding the fundamental concepts of branding and how it works. This module will focus mainly on areas such as what makes a brand, its worth, the business and creative sides, brand image, personality, identity and equity.

Content Marketing and Creation



Content is king, conversation is Queen. It is science to understand your audience, it is an art to make them follow you. You will learn what content marketing is and how to engage your online community through storytelling.


This course comprises of the below essential skills for effective storytelling through different media:


  • Choosing the right tools

  • The art of telling a story

  • Tone of voice

  • Small production budgeting

  • Producing, editing & post production of a short video using simple equipment

  • Drawing the right visuals to drive the message

  • Using social media to promote your content

Social Media Marketing​


Learn about the everchanging social media landscape and how you can use it to your advantage from personal branding to creating a social media marketing strategy for your company. This course will also touch on the difference between using social media for the usual corporation and for a non-profit organisation.


Apart from being trained to become a strong social media practitioner, some useful skills which you can expect to acquire from this course are:


  • Content Creation

  • Conversation Management & Community Building

  • Microblogging and Influencer Management

  • Social Media Readiness Assessment of an Organisation

  • Social Media for Event Marketing