How can you create a public relation strategy to reach out to media and influencers to earn media coverage for your company?

Learn how to craft a news worthy press release, integrate social media, deal with influencers and much more to your advantage in this course.


You will also explore how you can leverage on social communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to create a social media marketing strategy for your company. Also learn about the difference between using social media for the usual corporation, for a non-profit organisation, for an event etc.

"People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising."

- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Course Outline

Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding the different social media platforms and how to use them to reach your target market

  • Learning how to use different social media for advertising

  • Content creation & storytelling on social media

  • Influencer marketing management & social media for event marketing

  • Social media readiness assessment

  • Content creation & planning

  • Conversation management & community building


Public Relation

  • Crafting a PR Plan for media & influencers on social media

  • Creating worthy angles when crafting a Press Release

  • Learning how to create a skeleton & knowing the Dos & Don'ts for your own Press Release

  • Creating your media database

  • Sending time sensitive Press Releases & Media Protocols

  • Media Coverage Reporting on campaign and media invites

  • Integrating social media, traditional and offline to create an integrated campaign



Duration: 14 weeks*

Students will undergo social media marketing & public relation training separately under 2 experienced industry practitioners.


$2,600 payable by interest-free instalments.  

($500 early bird discount.
SkillsFuture eligible. Ask.)


Upcoming intake on

20 Feb 2018

Part time: 7pm-10pm

(once per week, weekday)

Featured Trainers

Nick is the CEO of YP (Yellow Pages) Digital and is a very experienced digital media professional working for major international agencies for the past 20 years+. 

Started off his advertising journey with some of the biggest agencies worldwide, Nick has acquired & accumulated in-depth knowledge in both traditional & digital marketing. 

He has also been conducting digital related programmes for industrial practitioners working in major creative agencies and major brands with the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents in Singapore.

Angela is the managing director for both ENCE Marketing & Affluence PR. 


Affluence PR is an expert in Public Relations for upscale establishments in Asia while ENCE Marketing provides both digital & traditional marketing services for major corporations in Asia.


With more than 10 years of experience crafting and executing marketing campaigns for clients, Angela has the ability to prepare a campaign to make sure a campaign doesn't backfire at the PR level and will be the best person to consult shall a PR crisis occur.


Being industry players, active in their respective fields, our lecturers stay abreast with their fast-evolving industries and impart their most up-to-date knowledge to students. Featuring an array of award winners, from recipients of internationally acclaimed creative awards to honorable media accolades, our lecturers are well- versed in the do’s and don’ts in winning awards, and use only such lofty standards as benchmarks for their teaching.


MadGlobal subscribes to that, connecting us to the matrix of The globalized world. It’s an independent entity armed with an altruistic vision of exposing students all over world to all things creative, sans geographical boundaries.


From overseas trips to competitions, camps and advertising awards competition such as Adfest in Thailand and Adstars Korea; to global networking lunches, we have the students’ expansion of their creative minds at heart.


At Awards Lab, everyone’s a winner! Even without bagging an award. It’s a boiler room where students are subject to the rigours of agency environment. And the demands of producing award-winning work.


Awards or not, walk away with a winning portfolio.


Love what you do so much? Why not do projects and campaigns that will be running live and get paid through Make The Change?


Through Make The Change, students can:

  • Make use of their design skills to help ngos & other social enterprises

  • Take part in real projects for various companies

  • Guided by experienced industrial practitioners 

  • Get paid for their work

  • Enhanced their portfolio with projects completed under make the change


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