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Cross-Disciplinary Design Application for Creative Practitioners

Steve Harrison was European Creative Director (OgilvyOne) and Global Creative Director (Wunderman) either side of starting his own agency, HTW. At HTW, he won more Cannes Lions in his discipline than any creative director in the world.

When he left agency life, the UK's advertising trade paper, Campaign, described him as "the greatest direct marketing creative of his generation". Thereafter he explained all in his book, How to do better creative work, which became the most expensive advertising book of all time when it traded on amazon.com at £3,000 a copy. The book is also published in Mandarin, Spanish and Italian.

In 2012, Steve was featured in The D&AD Copy Book which celebrates the work of the top 50 copywriters of the past 50 years. The following year he wrote the biography of the 1960s adman Howard Gossage: Changing the world is the only fit work of a grown man - which, in 2015, was the basis for a full-length feature documentary which Steve wrote and directed.


  • The two questions you need to ask in order to make your copy interesting

  • How to plan your copy

  • How to get started

  • Four easy ways write a headline that gets noticed

  • How to write clearly

  • How to find the right 'tone of voice' 

  • The words you must use to keep people reading

    • ... and the ones you must avoid

  • How to persuade them to buy your product/service or idea.

  • How to make your copy flow

  • How to close your sale


Bonus Session:


How to be creative and have an idea


The habits that you need to adopt to become more creative and a simple, tried and tested technique for having a big award winning idea.


DAY 2 & 3

Whether you're an agency creative in need of inspiration, an entrepreneur trying to get new leads, a freelancer drumming up new business or you simply want to persuade someone to adopt your point of view, this session will help you write copy that works.


You'll find out: how to plan your copy, how to write a headline that grabs your reader's attention, how to keep them reading and how to get your reader to do what you want them to do.  With examples based on the speaker's 25 years' experience and recent scientific research, this session will hone your skills and teach you new ones.


  • The secrets of successful story telling

  • The three things that always interest your reader

  • An important lesson from the world's most successful brands

  • How to write yourself the brief that will focus both your mind and the copy you are writing

  • How to work out how long your copy should be

  • How to write an award winning headline

  • How to come up with an effective headline in five minutes

  • How to win your reader's confidence

  • How to win their trust

  • The words and phrases you must use in your copy

    • ... and the ones you must leave out

  • How to structure your sentence so people read on

  • How to cut your copy 

  • How to lay your copy out so it gets noticed, engaged with and acted upon


Bonus Session:


How to do better creative work


An hour long session explains the two big ideas that you need to do effective, award winning work:

The Big Marketing Idea and the Big Creative Idea

You'll find out how to have both - and learn how to ensure your big creative idea stands out from the mass of messages that it is competing against.



Dates : 21 -23 March 2018

Course Fee : $2,400.00*

Certificate : Certificate in Advanced Copywriting

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