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Using Visual Communication to Boost Your Personal Brand 

Good content is no longer sufficient. To build your personal brand in the era where attention span of social media users is shorter than that of a goldfish, you need to communicate your ideas visually. Our speaker will share:


  • His journey on applying visual communications to attract followers and readers.

  • How he envisaged the display of his book at the bookstore and on social media even before he finished writing his book.

  • How he work with designers on book cover, page layout, logo and posters

  • How he set up his home studio to look pleasing for Zoom presentation and interviews  


With over 2 million followers on LinkedIn, Eric Sim, CFA, is one of the most followed professionals on social media.


Eric is also the author of the book “Small Actions: Leading Your Career to Big Success” which was nominated for Business Book Awards in London in 2022. Previously when based in Hong Kong, Sim was a managing director at UBS Investment Bank and also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Currently based in Singapore, Sim is also the founder of the Institute of Life (IOL) with a mission to help young professionals achieve success at work and in life. Check out his visual CV with notable failures here.

Eric Sim.jpg


8 Dec 2022, Thursday

7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.A.D. School

30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282

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