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Kenji graduated with a distinction in Master of Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia after receiving professional design training from Japan in the early nineties.
Accumulating over 20 years of relevant job experiences as a creative practitioner, Kenji has also been passionately teaching as a design educator for the past 10 years.

Unlock the Secrets to Power of Visual Composition: 

Learn how to transform Your Ideas, Concepts, and Messages into Compelling Visual Narratives 

In this comprehensive boot camp led by Kenji, a seasoned design educator with 38 years of unparalleled expertise and knowledge, you will delve into the fundamental techniques, theories, and principles that underpin effective composition and visual narratives, steering away from reliance on instinct or feeling.
In this immersive workshop, discover how mastering visual composition can serve as a powerful tool for expressing your ideas, concepts, marketing, and advertising messages effectively.
Understanding the Vital Role of Visual Composition: Even the most brilliant ideas, concepts, content, or stories can falter if their composition fails to captivate.
Composition serves as the cornerstone that breathes life into your creations, ensuring they resonate powerfully with your audience. Don't let your hard work go to waste.
Master the art of composition and elevate your creations to their fullest potential.
Who should attend: Photographers, design students, design practitioners, art managers, multimedia designers, UI/UX designers, marketers, content creators, freelancers, etc.
Expand your design repertoire and unlock new dimensions of creativity with our immersive boot camp. Secure your spot today and revolutionize your approach to composition.




08 Jun 2024, Sat
10am - 5pm
MAD School


$200.00 (students & alumni)
$380.00 (public)

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