Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging

About Diploma

The objective of this photography diploma course is to provide a good understanding of the visual and technical skills necessary to pursue photography as a career in the chosen fields. This course will cover advanced composition, studio lighting and portfolio presentation.


The most demanded genres of photography in the industry such as documentary, fashion, portraiture, and product will be taught. 


In addition, the class will introduce a variety of historical and contemporary photographers as well as issues and theories within photography.


Students will strive to bring technical control into accord with artistic vision. Visual problem solving and precise craftsmanship will be stressed.

Visual Communication

This module allows students to explore and embark on their creative journey to discover and cultivate what it takes to become a successful visual communication person...

Fundamentals of Photography

This module delves first into the history of photography and the documentation of its advancements. The technical skills needed to operate a DSLR camera in manual mode will then be taught through theoretical and practical means, giving students the trust and confidence to operate a professional camera...

Digital Imaging ​I

(Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom)

The new Digital Imaging I module not only allows for an easier cross learning between the two software, but also allows students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how Photoshop and Lightroom can compliment each other...

Natural and Studio Lighting

What is light; what is light in photography? Students who go through this module will fully understand the effects of light and how it can create or destroy...

Portraiture Photography

They say the eyes of a person are the windows to their soul. In Portraiture Photography module, you will learn the techniques professionals use to capture stunning portraitures, the correct lenses to use, lighting for different skin tones and textures etc....

Product Photography

The Product Photography module teaches you creative and innovative ways for photographing products, filling your portfolio with commercial worthy product shots...

Fashion Photography

The Fashion Photography module introduces students to the intensity of professional fashion photography. You will learn the entire process of setting up for a fashion shoot, how to direct a professional model and the make-up artist to create the look you want...

Documentary Photography

The camera is capable of capturing important events and decisive moments, but not all pictures are of flash and brilliance. Sometimes the photographer takes a step back, reflects, and becomes an author to their shots....

Course Duration

10 Months (Part Time)

6 Months (Full Time)

Lecturer : Students Ratio

1:25 (Part Time)

Average Number of Students: 15 per class

Class Timing

7pm - 10pm (weekday)

10am - 1pm (weekend)

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