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Learn About The World Of Content From Experts in 10 Weeks

Our Content Creation & Marketing Professional Workshop teaches the important aspects of storytelling & content creation to build a

strong content marketing campaign regardless of industry.


Creation & Marketing 

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."

- Seth Godin

Content is king, conversation is Queen. It is science to understand your audience, it is an art to make them follow you. You will learn what content marketing is and how to engage your online community through storytelling.

Effectively relate your brand story to your audiences and keep them engage with meaningful videos that drives the right messages through different platforms.


From the technicals of knowing how to use technology efficiently to going through the design thinking process (planning, conceptualization, visualization to development & execution) to generate more innovative content ideas & topics that will drive traffic, this workshop aims to allow participants to leverage on data available and ancient principles in our modern digital platforms to become a more effective digital storyteller.


This course comprises of the below essential skills for effective storytelling through different media:


  • Introduction to Digital Storytelling & how to generate ideas for content creation

  • Developing your storytelling concept/campaign 

  • Learning about the best practices for content on various social media platforms

  • Tone of voice & small production budgeting

  • Choosing the right tool: Producing, editing & post production of a short video using simple equipment

  • Drawing the right visuals to drive the message

  • Mapping out an ecosystem and developing your social media distribution plan to promote content


Featured Trainers

Ahmad Bafadhal.jpeg

Ahmad Bafadhal is the Executive Creative Director of Madbuff, a digital marketing and media agency that specializes in creating content for social media. Prior to this, he has been in various social media and producer roles, doing various creative roles from scriptwriting to web development.

Ahmad has also collaborated with Justin Bratton, TV personality, filmmaker, producer, writer, actor, and host of Asia's Got Talent, in various of his works and initiatives.

Robert Content Creation Marketing Course

Robert Cristobal is a seasoned brand strategist specialising in communications, creative storytelling & content marketing. Founder of a Singapore-based content strategy firm, Frame 316. Robert has produced content for Microsoft, Pfizer, Standard Chartered & Randstad employing a story-centric approach which focuses on human experience rather than product or service features.

He has extensive experience in content design for inbound marketing which includes conceptualising, execution & distribution of intelligent content for lead generation and customer acquisition.

His storytelling skills have landed him international recognition such as placing second in the APEC Video Contest 2015 and semi-finalist for Our Good Story Asia 2014 and Our Better World Story of the Year 2015.

Mariano Martene Full Stack Marketer.jpeg

Mariano Martene is a Full Stack Marketer and the current Chief Marketing Officer at, while getting busy helping Startups around the world.

He has worked with with companies like Fox LA, Samsung, Disney, The Government of Canada, Consultatio, big digital marketing agencies etc. but has been turning to focus more on helping small business and entrepreneurs grow their business and reach their next milestone so as to enjoy the sense of satisfaction & freedom he has always yearned.







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Content Creation & Marketing



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