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Dummies Guide to Digital Marketing

Starting out on doing digital marketing for your business and not know where to go? New to the online marketing world but is afraid of spending too much time or money on useless vendors unnecessarily?

You are at the right place.

In the modern world that the internet plays a significant role, people prefer to buy and sell their products online. This fact makes digital marketing a necessary thing for almost any business, even if you are running a sideline apart from holding on to your day job.

Digital marketing is a way to market business brands and products online, and it helps businesses by allowing them to reach their identified target audiences through the internet and other digital platforms.

If we look at digital marketing as a puzzle, a few different tactics will help to make up the pieces of a complete puzzle. A business owner must know these pieces clearly in order to have a successful digital marketing strategy.

But taking up a good digital marketing course ain’t cheap and spending on getting vendors may seem like overkill if you are a small business. So where do you start?


1)  Website


The first piece is your own website, which is actually the centre of your digital marketing strategy.

Your website is where you make your brand’s first impression. It is also where you have the chance to introduce your brand’s products and quality.

Sometimes, your website is your only chance to get your audiences’ attention since you need money to advertise on social media in order to get awareness & followers. And if your website has an interesting layout, a good user experience (UX) design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate to where you want them to land upon, good & clear information, feedback, etc. to make it resonate with your clients, it can actually help to make website visitors become paying customers.


2)  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Another important tactic is search engine optimization. SEO is the process by which you optimize your site’s content so that it appeals to the search engines.

Good SEO practices allow you to reach a massive amount of potential leads by helping your website rank higher in search engines, like Google, which brings more traffic to your website.

Higher good traffic will, in turn, attracts qualified leads who are interested in your products or services.

Though search engine optimization is the key to bring more traffic to your website; it takes a long time to work.

3)  Online Advertising

Here is where we can use another tactic Pay Per Click (PPC). This is a type of online advertising where the website owner (yourself) pays every time a new lead clicks on your ad.

Google Ad is a popular type of pay per click ads. It puts your site on the first page of the search engine results and helps your site gain more clicks if you can afford to spend on advertising.

This will help you to get the leads who are qualified and are searching for your products and services much faster than waiting for your website to be ranked organically.

Colorful Office

4)  Content Marketing


Content marketing is another popular tactic in having a successful digital marketing strategy. It is about creating interesting content assets to attract customers, grow site traffic, and boost leads.

You need to create engaging & useful content to support your digital marketing strategy, regardless of the tactics you use. This content asset can be published on your social media accounts, blogs, website, etc. To create great content, you will need to know your audiences well and choose the topic that best appeals to them.

One good example is remote learning site, where they have put up tons of materials for primary and secondary school teachers so that they can put together something quickly, should there be a need to, without having any downtime. This is especially important with an impending lockdown and shutting down of schools seemly imminent.

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5)  Email Marketing


Email marketing is the last piece of the puzzle. Companies use branded emails to communicate with their customers.

According to research, email marketing has the highest ROI among all digital marketing channels.


So it means that business owners use email marketing to nurture their target audiences once their customers showed interest. Companies also use email marketing to increase brand awareness through constant exposure to the brand over time.

Now that you have all the pieces of the puzzle, it is time to put them all together to make an integrated digital marketing strategy. Once they came together, they can work toward their common goal, creating a successful business online and offline.

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