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Top Digital Marketing Jobs Possibilities

Are you debating over your next career switch or what skills to pick-up? You’ve probably done enough research to know that digital marketing is the new normal and digital marketing skills are in great demand.

The job market is booming for digital marketers and even more so with the current pandemic - which has also shown us the digital transformation of several traditional businesses. 

We have 2 industry’s thought leaders who are directors of digital agencies and active in educating PMETs and senior managers in transiting to the Digital Marketing industry. 

Speaker 1:  Ms Michelle Lim, Co-founder and CEO of B-Corp social enterprise Make The Change and M.A.D. School 

Speaker 2: Mr Hendry Goh, Director of Strategy of NEO360 Digital 


You will learn about the top most sought after digital marketing positions and job prospects within the field: 

  • Understanding the job position from an agency’s (hirer) perspective

  • Learning what it takes to become a successful digital marketer  

  • How to kickstart your digital marketing career

  • Learning the trending approaches in digital marketing


26 Aug 2020, Wednesday

Online Webinar

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