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The most comprehensive & fun digital marketing diploma program by a leading ad school in Singapore

Upgrade your CV with a diploma program registered and approved by CPE Singapore. Enroll by this month to get a $500 course fee rebate.

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By the end of the diploma program, you'll have acquired the essential skills to launch your own side venture or take the leap into a new career.

Students enjoy invaluable benefits such as overseas learning experiences, real-world case studies, and hands-on assignments, all designed to provide industry-relevant training.

Are you aspiring to lead as a marketing director or become the owner of your own digital advertising agency? This comprehensive course equips you with the strategic thinking and analytical prowess to excel in the dynamic advertising and marketing industry.

UIUX Design course





Tommy Lai,
Copywriter @

"When I was in England, I found out that I was way ahead of all my peers."

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Simren Panoo,
Director, Client Engagement & Strategic Marketing
Bank of Singapore

"Since starting the course, I have found the modules to be invigorating and I am in awe of the lecturers I’ve had access to – in my last module, my lecturer was the former Chief Marketing Officer of IBM!"

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Rick Tan,
CEO @ Honyo Industries

"After attending this diploma, I'm confident of applying what I've learnt into my business."

We promise to not only be the best but also the most affordable.

We commit to matching the course fee if you discover another comparable diploma program* that is equivalent to our Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Singaporeans/PR will also get the first month free when they enroll to our 9-month diploma program.

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Our instructors, industry experts, continuously update students with the latest industry knowledge. They include award-winning professionals who set high standards for teaching based on their success in internationally recognized awards and media accolades.

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Our altruistic vision is to inspire global creativity without borders, sending our students to destinations like New York, South Korea, Taiwan, Bali, and more each year for enriching experiences and learning from global experts.

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At Awards Lab, everyone thrives. You'll experience a creative agency environment, produce award-worthy work for advertising competitions, and leave with an impressive portfolio, whether you win an award or not.



Passionate about your work? Join Make The Change, our student initiative social enterprise, to work on live projects, get paid, and enhance your portfolio by utilizing your digital marketing skills to assist NGOs, social enterprises, and various companies, all under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

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*Course must be a CPE-registered diploma program with similar modules. Terms and conditions apply. The management reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of a dispute.

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