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A social enterprise is, like a normal business structure, created to generate profits for the organisation. However, unlike a traditional company, it seeks to address certain social issue with extraordinary ideas and solutions.


Although this concept has been around since the 1980s, it has only received wider acceptance in the past 5 years due to education and increased awareness of the social problems by the millennial generation.







10.00am - 5.30pm





  • Budding or existing entrepreneurs

  • Social entrepreneurs to be

  • Business owner who wants to do social good

  • Business development manager

  • Managers who wants to explore if social enterprise is an option for the company


Co-Founder of Make The Change


Pedro Adrian Aguirre has lived and worked in USA, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, India and Singapore. He is a dynamic public speaker and has been invited to share his opinions and insights at several leadership development conferences in Belgium, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Mexico and Singapore.


Apart from being a global citizen, he has also developed, implemented and managed numerous initiatives e.g. coordinated AIESEC's expansion to Rwanda, co-Founded a social enterprise in Singapore, selected as a Young Social Entrepreneur by the Singapore International Foundation 


The social enterprise, Make The Change, that he has co-founded has even won the commendation award of the start-up of the year category for Presidental Challenge Social Enterprise Award 2015.


Through the events he has organised and his active social media presence, he has the strong ability to bring people together to create impact, both big and small.



$650.00 (Singapore/PR has special discount, enquire to find out more )

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