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Content is king, conversation is Queen. Are you able to create content that resonates with your audience? Will you be able to conceptualize a content marketing strategy using data? 

In this professional certificate programme, you will learn not only how to create & market your content, but also how to engage your online community through storytelling.

Effectively relate your brand story to your audiences and keep them engage with meaningful content, with insights from data mined, that drives the right messages through different platforms.


From knowing where to gather & analyze data to creating video & visual content, this programme aims to allow participants to leverage on ancient principles in our modern digital platforms to become a more effective digital storyteller.

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This course comprises of the below essential skills for effective storytelling through different media:


  • Mastering Adobe Photoshop for visual creation

  • Knowing where to get data from the most advanced platforms & being able to analyse data for consumer insights

  • Learn about the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO) & understand what kind of content will maximize SEO

  • Being able to use Adobe Premiere Pro to create video and understand all aspects of production like story-boarding, post-production, etc.

  • Successful storytelling of brand through content marketing


The Barbarian Agency product designer Ma


Being industry players, active in their respective fields, our lecturers stay abreast with their fast-evolving industries and impart their most up-to-date knowledge to students. Featuring an array of award winners, from recipients of internationally acclaimed creative awards to honorable media accolades, our lecturers are well- versed in the do’s and don’ts in winning awards, and use only such lofty standards as benchmarks for their teaching.

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MadGlobal subscribes to that, connecting us to the matrix of The globalized world. It’s an independent entity armed with an altruistic vision of exposing students all over world to all things creative, sans geographical boundaries.


From overseas trips to competitions, camps and advertising awards competition such as Adfest in Thailand and Adstars Korea; to global study trips in New York & Bali, we have the students’ expansion of their creative minds at heart.



At Awards Lab, everyone’s a winner! Even without bagging an award. It’s a boiler room where students are subject to the rigours of agency environment. And the demands of producing award-winning work.

Did we also mention that we have been the consecutive title holder of the top non-government funded design school in Singapore for the past few years?


Awards or not, walk away with a winning portfolio.

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Do you believe in an education that focus on how good you are in memorising? We don't.

That is why all our modules are projects based, allowing you to train on your newly acquired skills while building a strong portfolio for yourself.

Doing what you enjoy to pass your modules; if that sounds good to you, then you are the right fit for our school.

Featured Trainers

Since his graduation from design studies in Japan in the early nineties, Kenji has accumulated more than 20 years of relevant job experiences as a creative practitioner in the graphic design, branding, advertising, packaging, publishing and printing industries.

With Kenji’s passion in teaching, mentorship and engagement with his students over the last few years, he has personally nurtured and groomed many successful design practitioners and designpreneurs. Many of his past students have won more than 130 local and international awards and recognition from Singapore, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and America.

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Robert Cristobal is a seasoned brand strategist specialising in communications, creative storytelling & content marketing. Founder of a Singapore-based content strategy firm, Frame 316. Robert has produced content for Microsoft, Pfizer, Standard Chartered & Randstad employing a story-centric approach which focuses on human experience rather than product or service features.

He has extensive experience in content design for inbound marketing which includes conceptualising, execution & distribution of intelligent content for lead generation and customer acquisition.

His storytelling skills have landed him international recognition such as placing second in the APEC Video Contest 2015 and semi-finalist for Our Good Story Asia 2014 and Our Better World Story of the Year 2015.


In MAD School, we do not believe in our students memorising and throwing everything back at us. Hence, not only is there no examination in our school, students learn real skills and practise them via projects, overseas learning trips, taking part in major awards competition and also by having fun. 

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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell." - Seth Godin

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