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M.A.D. Voice

Interview Series: 004

Shirley Djong  

High Commission of Rwanda in Singapore


In this series of MAD Men interview, we have an external party, who has recently engaged one of our students commercially for their event, to give her feedback on the student.

Feedback on Victor Koh, 

Diploma in Photography & Digital Communication student

Having engaged one of MAD School's students recently for the High Commission's reception celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of Rwanda's Liberation Day, I was impressed with said student, Victor Koh's professionalism and capability in documenting the key events as well as capturing flattering and expressive photos of the guests.


The service and competency he provided to us far exceeds our expectations. This is a testament that MAD School's unconventional yet practicable style of teaching resonates well in their students. I would not hesitate to recommend Victor Koh or other graduates of CMA for any other projects in the future, be it at the High Commission or elsewhere. 

Shirley Djong  

High Commission of Rwanda in Singapore

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