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About Industrial Orientation Programme


It’s not often you hear schools telling you to get out of the class to learn. We want you out. 


Our Industrial Orientation Programme (IOP) exposes you to the innings of the creative industry through interactions with industry experts and professionals. IOP entails:



Experience matters. That’s why we invite industry experts in marketing, advertising or design to share their experiences at our Adman Talk. These inspiring, no-holds-barred sessions allow students to fire questions and gain invaluable knowledge. Past admen include a speaker from Pantone Colour in Hong Kong, award-winning creative directors such as Rob Gaxiola, Kash Sree and Ike Anand & Jostein Solheim, Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Global Brand Development Ben & Jerry’s. 




Load up on the learning and stir your creative juices through experiences such as film screenings, photographic exhibitions, dance performances, concert attendances, museum visits, poetry readings and more. We intend to provoke students into questioning and processing their interactions with their experiences. Past field trips include visits to Singapore Press Holding, Crowbar Awards, Antalis (a leading paper merchant) and The Swap Show (collaborative exhibition featuring design studios and agencies from cities around the world). An upcoming series ‘Brand U’ featuring Mr. Low Siew Thiam, Chairman of the Global Leadership Forum, will teach students how to brand themselves.



We take the class out of the room in our Lessons Without Borders series. Built into the curriculum, the class is invited to a distinguished agency for a creative session. Chris Lee, Creative Director and Founder of Asylum kicked off the series, followed by Carolyn Teo, Partner at Kinetic. 



Robert Kiyosaki said “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”. We hold that belief fervently. Our Creative Networking sessions give plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders with the who’s who and that may land you that dream job upon graduation.



Put all that you’ve learnt to the test, in the real world. Our design lab Re: Action Design throws out design challenges to students, working with real clients.  Discover the entire design process from receiving the design brief to the final production. 



Internship is likened to making baby steps into the real working world. We’ll match you up with prospective agencies and companies so you glean experience before turning pro.

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