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Already know you are not into engineering or accounting and is looking for a career in marketing, creative or advertising upon your graduation?


We have done a quick research on the current job market and send out some questionnaires to the hiring folks in the industry to find out what kind of diploma graduates are gaining pace and seem almost certain to be in high demand in the job market by year 2022.


Here are 4 roles that companies are already having trouble recruiting (good candidates) and it may only get “worse” with more companies joining the fray to scout these talents into part of their strategic teams.

The Barbarian Agency product designer Ma

With the emergence of marketing online and the ease of changing a post or an ad on social media, it is no wonder that we are seeing the criteria of being able to use design tools & software appearing in almost every marketing position in the job market.

As more and more companies understand the importance of design for the digital world, HR managers are tasked with including an additional role that traditionally wasn't on the pay roll - a creative designer (graphic, web, UI, etc.).

Creative agencies are also finding it harder and harder to attract creative talents with the competition now coming from giant tech companies and big brands themselves.

Having a design diploma will also enable to you have access to more doors should you want to do a mid career switch.


One of the most sought after skills for marketers, the knowledge of digital marketing is going to give you that edge when looking for a role in the highly competitive job market.

Techniques like search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), storytelling, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. are almost a must have but are so sorely lacking in graduates that universities are churning out.

This is because the current syllabus is based on days where social media and digital marketing is almost non-existent, thus current graduates have almost zero knowledge on how to use these platforms as a marketing tool, apart from being a normal day-to-day social media user.

A marketer without knowledge on digital marketing nowadays is as good as not being equipped enough to perform her role well.

DIPLOMA IN Professional Photography


Love photography and enjoy using Instagram? You may be the perfect person to be born in the right era.


With the rise of social media, big brands like Nike, Coca Cola, etc. are needing talents who can create content on a day-to-day basis in order to continuously engage their followers.

Since there isn't such a demand in the past due to smart phones not being invented yet, polytechnics and universities are not prepared for such a skill to be taught in their institutes until today.

Yet, content creators & strategists are so highly sought which resulted in a situation where there isn't enough candidates to go around.


Thinking about going professional? Get a brochure on a full diploma on professional photography here.


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According to a recent report by World Economic Forum, creativity is one of the top 3 skills that all employers will be looking for by 2020.

A diploma programme that comprises of creative thinking, critical thinking, etc. is going to put one in good stead. 

With the disruption caused by technology, businesses need creative solutions and methods in order to survive & thrive in the new economy.

Channel NewsAsia even did a documentary on New Education in Singapore, signalling its importance in training the new batch of workforce for the country. One of the programme highlighted as the pioneer is this professional diploma.


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