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With the emergence of new media and platforms, motion graphics has never played a bigger role in content creation for both brands and media companies. If you are thinking about venturing into this field, hear from the man at the forefront of the industry on how you can make it big as a freelance motion graphics artist and the growth of the motion graphics industry in the imminent future.

Our speaker of the month, Dang, believes that software is only a tool to make work easier and what matters more is the passion, skill, value and dedication one have that separates good from great.

Hai Ha Dang
Multi-Award Winning Art Director

Dang is an art director, motion designer, digital artist for multiple mediums, including commercial, broadcast design and print.


With a strong passion and a unique visual style, he quickly gained recognition among the industry, working with clients

of the likes of StarHub, MediaCorp, TVB, Sony, Discovery Channel, Netflix, McDonald's, Samsung, Google, Unilever, HSBC, Adidas etc.

His work has also been featured on Behance network, Art of Styleframes, It’s Art mag, Howww,, Animago Award. He believes that, ultimately, it is imagination and curiosity that hold keys to the future.


30 Aug 2018, Thursday

7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.A.D. School

30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282


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30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282

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