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Get your portfolio ready to showcase your best work!


As a designer, your portfolio symbolises what you stand for and acts as a window into your creative mind. It is also your passport and calling card, able to take you to amazing destinations. But in order to do all that, your portfolio must first capture the interest of potential clients and employers. Does it?


The elements of an attention-grabbing portfolio are far from obvious. Think of it this way - your portfolio is a sales pitch. What you are doing, is selling your creative services; what you have to offer, to prospective clients and employers. If you were the client, would you buy you? If your answer is not a resounding yes, read on.


This 8 weeks class is designed to take your portfolio to the next level. Crafted and curated by Kenji Choo, he will take you through every step necessary to create a design portfolio that not only stands out, but knocks others out. Under his mentorship, Kenji’s former students have won more than 80 local and international awards from Singapore, Germany, Canada, United Kingdoms and America.

Week 1

• What makes a good portfolio?

• Qualities interviewer looks for in an applicant

• SWOT Analysis to identify personal strength

• Demonstrate your creative skills and abilities

• Represent your ability to communicate design concepts and ideas

• Tailor the portfolio to your area of specialisation


Week 2

• Put together initial draft of print portfolio for selection and inclusion

• Compile and present 10 to 12 pieces of your best work for critics

• Identify bad pieces, revise and fine-tune selected works

• Showcase examples of various print portfolio and personal brand

• Mistakes to avoid in design portfolio


Week 3

• Dos and don’ts of design portfolio presentation

• Present best-selected pieces of works for inclusion

• Continue to revise and fine-tune selected works

• Develop appropriate format and style for print portfolio

• Identify and develop personal brand


Week 4

• Importance of digital and online portfolio

• Critics on individual’s selected pieces of works for inclusion

• Critics on print portfolio format presentation

• Revise and fine-tune selected works

• Develop portfolio format and personal brand

Week 5

• Preparation of Resume and CV

• Fine-tune individual’s selected pieces of works

• Fine-tune on print portfolio format


Week 6

• Portfolio Presentation

• Demonstrate creative skills, thinking and visual problem-solving abilities

• Critical eyes for details and sense of design


Week 7

• Dos and don’ts during job interview  

• Final review of portfolio and personal brand development


Week 8

• Portfolio interview and review by creative professional

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