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Life of a UI/UX Designer

Always wondered what it is like to be working as a UIUX designer? Go behind the scenes at a software agency with UIUX designer Sandy & tech boss Nikhil, and see how they view UI/UX from the lens of their clients, the 5 ninja skills you need to survive well, and top 3 reasons why you should be working in an agency (and 5 reasons on why you shouldn't).

In this session of MAD Men Talk, Sandy and Nikhil will also be sharing interesting stories from working with clients from all sectors and fields and the difference between working on UI/UX your first week, first 30 days, and first six months.

UIUX Designer/Hipster Inc.


With a keen eye for detail, Sandy ensures that all digital products are well-designed, both aesthetically and functionally. Academically trained as a historian, Sandy made a bold move to pursue her calling in the field of UI/UX during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, an UI/UX designer at Hipster Inc., Sandy is now working on numerous products spanning the Defi space, F&B, B2B products and services.


Co-Founder/Hipster Inc.

Nikhil co-founded his first company, a tech platform for wine wholesaling and importing in 2015, backed by 500 Global, a venture capital firm investing in founders building fast-growing technology. Through Hipster Inc., Nikhil finds his purpose in helping startups, small businesses and corporations reach their full potential through user-centric digitalisation and automated solutions. He also supports causes for mental health, environmental sustainability and the homeless and elderly through gratuitous digitalisation.



24 Feb 2022, Thursday

7:00pm - 8:30pm

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