Advanced Diploma in Communication Design
Modules Synopsis


Choosing the right typeface for a particular project may be a daunting task for students and even graphic design practitioners. The advanced typography workshop will equip learners with the professional skills to create clarity and expression to the message, while showcasing how a carefully crafted typography heightens emotional impact. Learners will learn how a carefully crafted and well-conceived typographic composition allows the designer to connect and effectively engage the reader with visual impact on both print and digital media.


The art director position and role is one that many creative designers aspire to. An art director is responsible for the overall vision and objectives of a design project: the creative concept, look and feel, visual imagery, clarity of the message and aesthetics. Find out how it differs from being a graphic designer and the skills needed to be a good art director. Learn how exactly an art director can contributes to a project’s success. Learn how to diagnose a problem and narrow down the creative parameter of the design or advertising project. In this module, you will learn the strategy, conceptualisation, execution and presentation to effectively communicate your ideas to the intended target audiences.


The Branding module covers the important aspects of branding. Students will learn how to build a branding campaign by understanding the fundamental concepts of branding and how it works. This module will focus mainly on areas such as what makes a brand, its worth, the business and creative sides, brand image, personality, identity and equity.


This module will be covering on advertising concepts & theories and the world of advertising & ad agencies; and account management that will include presentation sessions on getting clients to buy into the strategy. Students will be taught the fundamentals of advertising and what are the difference between marketing planning and advertising planning. The focus is on advertising planning and the processes involved. Students will also learn from the perspective of key players in the advertising industry and how do they contribute to the advertising process. Does advertising lie? What are the control mechanisms to ensure ethical practice in the advertising industry?

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Have you ever marvelled at amazing ideas and wonder how they came to be? Creative Thinking is the ability to connect the dots and see the larger picture. This module will equip learners the ability to condition and develop a creative mindset by understanding the creative process, learn various creative ideation techniques and the best practices to solve problems creatively using a different perspective, transformed into a creative solution.


Adobe After Effects is the industry-standard software in the motion graphics and animation sectors. It’s used by most VFX, 3D and motion graphics artists, as well as animators. In this module, you will learn how to incorporate text, graphics, and visual effects to your video and motion graphics. Extend your creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options. Get into motion graphics - come learn what After Effects CC can do! Upon completion of this course, you will have an excellent understanding of the menu and tools in After Effects and be able to perform work in motion graphics, visual effects and compositing with a high level of efficiency.


Sivachandhrika Vigneshwar


Today, design practices have been shifting towards sustainability. Graphic designers, like many other creative professionals, contribute to an industry that can negatively impact the environment. The sustainable practice for graphic designers need to think of the process starting from the end rather than the beginning. In this module, learner will learn how an eco-friendly graphic designer considers the impact of their work can have on the environment, from the time they generate an idea throughout the production, choices of materials, delivery, distribution, uses of the product and even into the disposal process.


The Advanced Communication Design Project is the final major project for all Professional Diploma in Communication Design students. Students will have to integrate everything they have learnt from the past modules with a self-initiated project. It will allow students to implement their design methods, communication design strategy and design and art direction their campaign using print designs, web layouts, static displays and motion graphics into a remarkable piece of creative campaign project.

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