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Career Conversation Program (CCP) Eligibility Criteria

The Programme is open to all company-sponsored applicants who meet the following General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) aged 21 years and above;

  • New hires must have graduated or completed NS, whichever is later, at least two years at the point of application;

  • Must be a newly hired PMET (i.e. not more than three (3) months* from date of employment), and nominated by an eligible company for the CCP;

  • Must not have prior working experience or in a similar job role in previous employment;

  • Must not be a shareholder of the participating company, or its related companies;

  • Must not be related to the owner(s) of the participating company; and

  • Must not be immediate ex-staff of participating company and its related companies.

  • Applicants must go through a screening, interview and selection process by the hiring employer.

Participating companies should be:

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore with a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);

  • Offer a full-time PMET position related to job role which the CCP is for, with a minimum fixed monthly salary of $2,800 or more, and at least a 12-month employment contract;

  • Ensure that new hires cannot be:

  • A shareholder of the CCP company, or its related companies;

  • Related to the owner(s) of the company; and

  • Immediate ex-staff of the company or its related companies.

  • Must have the knowledge and capacity to provide structured on-the-job training for the candidate.

  • Commit to CCP training arrangements for the trainees; and

  • Commit to working with WSG and AAMS/Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy on necessary administrative matters related to the CCP.

20% course fee top-up is funded by SkillsFuture Singapore for SME-sponsored SCs/PRs trainees under the Enhanced Training Support for SME or mature SC trainees aged 40 year and above under the Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy.

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