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Corporate Promotional Workshop

Spending too much time and money on engaging problematic freelancers to create your marketing collaterals for tradeshows? Why not train your marketer to become an in-house designer to design marketing materials that you will only use a few times a year.

Tasks your staff can perform after the workshop:

  • Create customized brochures for different tradeshows

  • Design posters for tradeshows

  • Create artwork for advertisement, EDM etc.

How it benefits the company:

  • Higher staff morale

  • Claim PIC on the workshop

  • Save time and money on hiring freelance designers

Software skills you will learn:

  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Certificate of Attendance in Workshop for Adobe Illustrator


  • 2 weekdays

  • 10 am - 4pm


Price of Workshop : $1,450.00 


(after subsidies available to all Singaporeans, PR & Foreigners with valid work permit)

Intakes Dates:




2 Dec - 3 Dec 2015        

3 Feb - 4 Feb 2016

*price after subsidy is still eligible for further PIC claim

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