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The Future of Digital Marketing

How will the future be different? What are the trends that will disrupt your industry and career in the coming years?

In this series of MAD Men Talk, our speaker will be talking about 5 digital marketing trends that are already or will be disrupting businesses & career of marketing folks in the next few years.


Mariano is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at, building a new LinkedIn for GenZ, while getting busy being a Full Stack Marketer helping Startups around the world.

He has worked with with companies like Fox LA, Samsung, Disney, The Government of Canada, Consultatio, big digital marketing agencies etc. but has been turning to focus more on helping small business and entrepreneurs grow their business and reach their next milestone so as to enjoy the sense of satisfaction & freedom he has always yearned



30 May 2019, Thursday

7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.A.D. School

30 Merchant Road,

#03-22 Riverside Point

Singapore 058282

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