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Benefit from the expertise of seasoned practitioners, along with the latest methodologies and cutting-edge tools.

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A Program that Makes You Look Forward to Every Class.

Experience how we infuse the fun into learning as you build your portfolio and master the most sought-after design skill in today's competitive job market. 

  • Learning & mastering Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

  • Have a strong grasp of visual literacy and how to use visual to communicate with your target audiences

  • Techniques & knowledge of User Interface (UI) design with Adobe XD

  • Mastering visual communication & the design thinking process

  • Understanding of basic web languages like HTML, CSS, etc. & the use of most commonly used platforms

  • Develop advanced Critical Thinking skills

  • User Experience (UX) Design; from wireframing to prototype


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Tommy Lai,
UX Copywriter @

"When I was in England, I found out that I was way ahead of all my peers."

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Ning Goh,
User Experience @ OCBC

"What I really like about M.A.D. School is that the lecturers are all working in the industry...basically, lecturers get to focus on the students and I find that very useful."


Taf Huang,
Senior Marketing Manager @ RYNAN Technologies

"Loved every bit of it because there was never a dull moment. My coursemates too are working professionals from different walks of life, and they brought together many perspectives from their industries and many laughs to the mix."

Learn. Execute. Discuss. Repeat.

Our project-centric, exam-free learning approach ensures the effective transfer of practical skills from our experienced practitioner-trainers to our students. Graduates from our program not only acquire the knowledge to execute tasks proficiently but also build a strong UI/UX Design portfolio upon completing this thoughtfully curated curriculum.

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Our instructors, industry experts, continuously update students with the latest industry knowledge. They include award-winning professionals who set high standards for teaching based on their success in internationally recognized awards and media accolades.

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Our altruistic vision is to inspire global creativity without borders, sending our students to destinations like New York, South Korea, Taiwan, Bali, and more each year for enriching experiences and learning from global experts.

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At Awards Lab, everyone thrives. You'll experience a creative agency environment, produce award-worthy work for advertising competitions, and leave with an impressive portfolio, whether you win an award or not.



Passionate about your work? Join Make The Change, our student initiative social enterprise, to work on live projects, get paid, and enhance your portfolio by utilizing your digital marketing skills to assist NGOs, social enterprises, and various companies, all under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

Promotion Mechanism

Join our upcoming intake & be entitled to a $500 course fee discount.

Does learning with hands-on practise on various platforms, fully project based learning, traveling overseas with your classmates to learn from more practitioners with visits to some of the biggest names in design & tech, sound like something you will enjoy?

Now we are topping it up with a one-off $500 course fee discount this upcoming intake.

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