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M.A.D. Voice

Interview Series: 005

Niti Gupta  

Working Professional & Student of MAD School


In this series of MAD Men interview, we have a student of our Diploma in Digital Marketing programme sharing her experience studying here in MAD School.

Student Niti Gupta, 

Diploma in Digital Marketing student

I was in a professional rut, not enjoying my work and anxious about my stunted career growth. I knew I needed to reinvent myself and fast. After narrowing down on the digital marketing domain, the next decision to make was, which course and institute I should choose. I knew what I didn’t want: Online Course delivery, courses with absurdly high fees and schools demanding prior domain knowledge. From there on the choice was an easy one to make. MAD school offered classroom learning, reasonable fees and welcomed my novice status in the marketing domain.



Now that I am 2 modules old, I can say that I am happy that I made this choice. I am learning by doing, ideating and enjoying it at the same time. What I can definitely vouch for that the content is as current as it can get and the insights that you get from industry insiders in the various additional workshops are extra perks of this course.

This has spurred me to further enhance my skillset and I am confident of being able to me a successful digital marketer in the not so distant future.

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