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 Organisation Strategy 

  on Social Media 



Should your organization be on social media?

What are the pros and cons?

Which platforms should you be on?

Your business success has been largely due to the traditional marketing strategies you have implemented over the past decade but organizations have come to realize that none is immune to the threat of social media disrupting their businesses.


In order to prepare your business well to face new marketing challenges in the digital world, understanding how digital technology changes buying behaviors, be confident in developing strategies that reach out to your clients, familiarizing yourself with all of the social networks at your disposal is definitely a must.


This workshop will allow the business manager to figure out which platforms and features will work best with his business and focus on the platforms that best reflect the business's mission, giving the business an edge in the digital world over its competition. 

Upcoming Intakes

6 Nov 2015

Part Time Course

  • 5 sessions, Friday


  • 7pm - 10pm per session

Upon completion of the course, eligible participants will be issued a certificate for workshop in Organisation Strategy on Social Media. 

Key Topics

- Introduction to social media platforms

- Social media microblogging and influencer management

- Readiness assessment of an organization

- Using social media for event marketing

- Implementing marketing strategy on social media platforms

Course Fee

  • $550.00 (excluding GST) +

  • $150.00 1-time registration fee for new students

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