4 Skills That Are Facing a Shortage of Freelancers in the New Economy

There is no question that a recession is looming with trade wars continuing between the largest economies, the all-time high stock market and a rush for tech start-ups to get themselves listed despite being heavily in the red.


We are seeing financial jobs being made redundant in the hundreds in a financial hub like Singapore even before the COVID-19 pandemic happens, and it certainly seems like no industry will be spared.


Is your job still robot-proof with artificial intelligence gaining acceptance in various industries quickly?

Be it for personal interest, starting a sideline or keeping yourself employable, it is time to put those free time to some good use by learning a new skill that will help you remain relevant in this new economy. 

Since a few years back, the gig economy has already been transforming the USA job market with skilled workers are hired by companies on a project-based basis, getting remuneration that is a few times higher than that of a regular staffed employee, making it a win-win situation for both the company & the freelancer.

Below is a compilation of the top 4 in-demand freelance jobs in Singapore that companies are finding it difficult to hire people, and paying good money for them in return for a specific job to be done.

Digital Marketing 

One of the most sought after services for SMEs, the knowledge of digital marketing will give you that edge whether you are looking at clinching that project contract or getting a relevant role in this highly competitive job market.


Companies are already complaining about how difficult it is to get someone that can perform well in this field, since it wasn't really taught in-depth in universities & polytechnics, resulting in them having to engage and pay vendors big bucks for their online marketing to be done effectively.

Some of the skills needed are search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, etc. 

Be really good at it and see yourself being in high demand for lucrative jobs easily, even during a bad economy.

Graphic Design / Creative Work

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, creativity is the 3rd most important skills that hiring managers will be looking for in 2020.

Designers who have the ability to make use of multiple design software to create various kinds of creative work for clients have all along been highly sought after.

Whether it is during a recession or at the peak of an economy, marketing effort to reach out to potential clients will always be needed and hence the job of the production of marketing materials like brochures, posters, online ads, etc. will always be waiting to be done.

However, with the disruption brought by technology, creativity is now something that is even more celebrated since it has the ability to help companies differentiate themselves, especially on the very crowded social media front.

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User Experience (UX) Design

Acknowledged by most designers as one of the most urgent skills to acquire, User Experience (UX) design can be commonly spotted on the job description as a criteria for companies when hiring designers in recent years.


Due to the lack of available talent in the market, companies are turning to the freelance circle, making it one of the most lucrative design gig in Singapore.


With retail businesses increasing losing revenue to online platforms, more and more brands are being forced to go online in order to reach out to, not only their existing customers, but also to a wider group of younger generation who are digital natives.

The experience that one has with a brick-and-mortar shop, has to be made seamless when going online with the same brand, where more and more purchases are being made.

This is when every design work that is produced needs to have the user's experience in mind and it is something that has to be executed with a different school of thought. 

Professional Photography

It is a no brainer that, with the emergence of social media, quality content is quickly taking the centre stage when it comes to reaching out to your target audience online.


This has created a huge increase in demand for professional photographers who can capture quality photos of products that are attractive enough to make a potential customer make the purchase online in a heartbeat. 

This is coupled with the fact that these same photographers are still being engaged to do traditional work like taking photos for a restaurant menu, commercial posters, etc., creating a surge in demand for a similar pool of good photographers with such a skill.

With demand comes better money, being paid for the same work (done well). 

Love photography and always wanted to do something on the side? There is no better time to monetise your hobby during your free time to build a strong portfolio that a client can trust their job with you in.

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