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Learn about the most sought after design skill in the current hiring market from highly experienced current practitioners, with the latest methodology & tools available.

Learn. Execute. Discuss. Repeat.

Our project-based-no-examinations learning methodology makes sure real skills are being transferred from our practitioner-trainers to our students effectively, and that every student who graduates from the programme not only knows how to execute, but also thoroughly enjoyed the process of completing this specially curated programme.



  • Learning & mastering Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

  • Have a strong grasp of visual literacy and how to use visual to communicate with your target audiences

  • Techniques & knowledge of User Interface (UI) design with Adobe XD

  • Mastering visual communication & the design thinking process

  • Understanding of basic web languages like HTML, CSS, etc. & the use of most commonly used platforms

  • Develop advanced Critical Thinking skills

  • User Experience (UX) Design; from wireframing to prototype

  • Project management and much more

Promotion Mechanism

Project-based Learning for Adult Learners

Does learning with hands-on practise on various platforms, fully project-based learning, traveling overseas with your classmates to learn from more practitioners with visits to some of the biggest names in design & tech, sound like something you will enjoy?

This CPE Singapore approved diploma program is now available in part-time for our adult learners.


featured trainers



Master Design Trainer,

Professionally design trained in Japan

Kris Ling.jpeg

Kris Ling

Art Director,


Pedro Gonçalves.jpeg

Pedro Gonçalves

Content Director,

Nomadic Collective

Colin Lee.jpg

Colin Lee

Senior Design at Creative Eateries

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