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You don't know what you don't know.

Every single day, our mind is being assaulted, flooded, tricked and manipulated by hundreds upon thousands of visual stimuli. Subtly, it influences our decision-making, behavioural response, and even our relationships with other people. Would you rather be led like a sheep, or be a visual shepherd, equipped with skills to lead and gain a competitive edge over the rest of your peers?


Not restricted to only the creative industry, visual literacy arms any individual in any scope of work with the necessary tools and skills to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.




  • Using Visual Composition to transform your design/report/deck into a highly functional and effective communication tool

  • Mastering the Elements of Design and applying it in your proposals or reports

  • Understanding Colour Theory and applying it into your presentation to attract attention 

  • Create unique visual experiences for your target audience by understanding the Gestalt Principles and using it effectively


Featured Trainer

Kenji has received his professional packaging design training from Japan in the early nineties and bring with him more than 20 years of relevant job experiences as a creative practitioner in the graphic design, branding, advertising, packaging, publishing and printing industries.

With Kenji’s passion in teaching, mentorship and engagement with his students over the last few years, he has personally nurtured and groomed many successful design practitioners and designpreneurs. many of his past students have won more than 80 local and international awards and recognition from Singapore, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and America.

Kenji has also graduated with a distinction in Master of Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia, in 2003 and has accumulated more than 10 years of professional teaching experience as a design educator since.


How to see and read an image?

  • Visual hierarchy

  • Rule of third

  • Leading line

  • Rule of Composition

  • Golden spira

Vocabulary of visual language

  • Contrast

  • Balance

  • White space

  • Rhythm

  • Movement

  • Unity, Proximity

  • Harmony

  • Scale and proportion


Grammar of visual language

  • Lines

  • Shapes

  • Form

  • Texture

  • Pattern

  • Colour theory and psychology


Being industry players, active in their respective fields, our lecturers stay abreast with their fast-evolving industries and impart their most up-to-date knowledge to students. 


From overseas trips in New York, camps, to competitions  in South Korea and advertising awards competition in Thailand, we have the students’ expansion of their creative minds at heart and have a students' overseas study trip plan annually.


We do not believe in our students memorizing textbooks and throwing everything back to us.

This is why we only have projects to allow our students to constantly hone their skills by hands-on practises and to create an impressive portfolio that will bring them to places.


Love what you do so much?  Why not do projects and campaigns that will be running live and get paid through Make The Change?


Through Make The Change, students can make use of their design skills to help ngos & other social enterprises in real projects for various companies, guided by experienced industrial practitioners while getting paid for their work.


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