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Helping the community at large while studying design

In MAD School, not only will our students get to learn from very experienced current practitioners in their lecturers, they will also be able to put their design skills to some meaningful use during their time here with us.

Together with President Challenge Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year 2015 commendation award winner Make The Change, MAD students get to volunteer their design skills to help different marginalized groups in Singapore through various projects like pro-bono design work, teaching persons with disabilities how to use design software, etc.

Always wanting to volunteer your time for a good cause and have a keen interested in design? We want you. 


Diploma in

Communication Design

The comprehensive design diploma that teaches our students various aspects of design and the efficient use of multiple design software and tools, needed of a designer that will be in demand in the creative industry upon graduation.

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Professional Diploma in Advertising & Design

Our signature diploma that was featured by Channel NewsAsia as the pioneer in New Education in Singapore alongside schools like NTU-ADM, SUTD, etc.

This professional diploma aims to thoroughly prepare every individual student to be an all-rounder creative, ready for the demanding advertising industry upon graduation.

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Tommy Lai,

Creative/ Copywriter @ R/GA

"When I was in England, I found out that I was way ahead of all my peers."

Ning Goh.jpeg

Ning Goh,

Designer @ Chope

"What I really like about M.A.D. School is that the lecturers are all working in the industry...basically, lecturers get to focus on the students and I find that very useful."

Andy Xu.jpg

Andy Xu,

Creative Director @ Three Collective

Teaches persons with disabilities with Make The Change

"My time in MAD was a great experience; I especially recommend it for those who are keen to enter into the Design and Advertising industries."

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Learn. Brainstorm. Execute. Repeat.


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