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Essential Design for Marketers

Strategise. Design.


As the global paradigm in consumer behaviour continues to shift, the role of the new age marketer never stops evolving.


Everyone knows the importance of images in relation to content, but choosing a design that grasps and elevates the essence of your message requires much deeper thinking.


Do yourself a favour - equip yourself with visual literacy and design skills to be more versatile, efficient and self-reliant.


By the end of the day, not only would you have gained crucial tips and knowledge on what design works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to use it to strategise and communicate more effectively with your clients, as well as your design team.



  • Selecting the right and appropriate images for emotional selling 

  • Understanding Principles of Design for creative decision 

  • Understanding the importance of typography on marketing collaterals 

  • How to use colour to subtly influence your target audience

  • Developing an eye for design that allows you to communicate better with your clients or designer

  • Immediate Application:  Tips on Do and Don’ts / Most popular and effective templates for reference


Featured Trainer

Kenji has received his professional packaging design training from Japan in the early nineties and bring with him more than 20 years of relevant job experiences as a creative practitioner in the graphic design, branding, advertising, packaging, publishing and printing industries.

With Kenji’s passion in teaching, mentorship and engagement with his students over the last few years, he has personally nurtured and groomed many successful design practitioners and designpreneurs. many of his past students have won more than 80 local and international awards and recognition from Singapore, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and America.

Kenji has also graduated with a distinction in Master of Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia, in 2003 and has accumulated more than 10 years of professional teaching experience as a design educator since.


The importance of design in content marketing

  • The power of visual content

  • Visual impact in content marketing

  • Principles of design

  • Design elements

  • Visual composition

  • Colour theory and psychology


Develop an eye for design

  • How to create visual hierarchy

  • Visual composition 

  • Grid system

  • Typographic system 

  • Common mistakes made by non-designers

  • How to create awesome visual content?

Enrolment has started, class starts in 2020.

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9am - 5pm

Design for Marketing workshop


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