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5 Things You May Want To Consider Before You Book That Air Ticket

Having a little extra cash because of your year-end bonus and thinking of buying that air ticket to go overseas during this school holiday period?


Perhaps you should think twice about spending that money just to join the queue at immigration and going to the same destination you have visited for at least twice in the past 5 years.



Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t click on the “confirm” button on that airline website just yet.



1) Too Expensive

It is not just the air ticket. You will still need to spend on other items like hotel room, travel insurance, taxi fare etc.


For a trip to Seoul, the total expenses can easily set you back by more than $5,000 after including things like food & gifts.


Even for a short trip to Bangkok can easily make you poorer by more than $2,000.


This money can be put to better use in the future and, if the last time you have travelled is less than a year ago, perhaps saving for a future dream trip or investment will be a more logical choice.


Packed Luggage

2) Staycation As An Alternative

Instead of relaxing on your off days like you wanted to, you will be busy shuttling between airports and hotels in the middle of the night, queuing up at immigration to have your passports stamped, taking off your jacket and belt to pass through the scanning machine in airports, etc.


For travellers who love to pack their itinerary to the fullest, you may end up getting even more exhausted than recharged.


Sometimes, a staycation in a hotel locally can be a better choice considering that it will most probably just cost the same as the price of an air ticket for a 3D2N stay without the hassle of having to join the queue to have your luggage checked at the immigration.

The best part is that you can use the extra money to splurge locally to pamper yourself, boosting the local economy in the meantime!

rubbish gift.jpeg

3) Useless Things You Buy

To have a vacation in a foreign country will most of the time end up with a luggage filled with stuff you most probably would not have bought even if you were to see them at a discount in your own country.


You may even be able to purchase at a much lower price online for most of these things. Not forgetting the gifts that you will need to buy (willingly or unwillingly) for your colleagues & friends.  


Doing some online shopping or using the money for other purposes (i.e. taking up a professional workshop to learn a new skill) may make even more sense. 

crowded place.jpeg

4) Wrong Time

If you are reading this during the school holidays period and not a parent with schooling kids, then it is actually the worst time to think about travelling.


Air tickets are expensive, affordable good hotels are full and everywhere is packed with tourists (most probably same nationality as you).


This time may actually be a good time to think about what you will want to do next year, plan your future or even spend some quality time with your loved ones in your own country.

5) Cash Flow

Are you paying for expenses like air tickets, hotel stays, food, etc. using a credit card thinking that you will most probably be able to pay them off next month?

If you do not already have extra cash in your bank waiting to be spent, these expenses will come back to haunt you next month after you are back from your trip.


Your monthly commitments will not just disappear like that and, on top of that, now you will need to pay for your careless indulgence overseas.


If you do not already have the spare cash to spend, perhaps saving it for now and carefully planning your next trip a year later will be a much better choice.

Like what one of the most successful investor Warren Buffet has said before, "The biggest mistake is not learning the habit of saving properly".

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