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M.A.D. Voice

Interview Series: 002

Michelle Lim

CEO & Co-founder M.A.D. School


In this series of MAD Men interview, we have our CEO sharing her views on the current trend of the education industry.


In the recent buzz and excitement from the authorities to education providers, the common words we hear today are SkillsFuture and Online Learning. At MAD School, the pioneer in new education, we have our say and we beg to differ. 


SkillsFuture: Do not be distracted by the $500.00 but first, understand what it truly means by the Skills for your Future. Know yourself, identify your strengths and weakness, understand the industry, develop your capabilities, be adaptive, ready to unlearn and relearn, and be humble. 


Yesterday was banking, today is coding. Markets are chaotic now. Apps built on artificial intelligence are replacing humans. Technology has streamlined many processes and executives are becoming redundant. So, where do you stand? Stop shopping around and start thinking first. 


Online learning: Our first learning came from modelling our parents or grandparents. Inherently, this has not changed. After all, we are human beings who have complicated emotions and beyond rational intellectual reasoning, we need the community for love and encouragement to face the challenges in life. Learning is a decision and commitment; technology is just a tool or enabler. To transform one’s life, it requires desire and decision; it also requires the community to embrace and support one another to be a better person. It would be a fallacy to think that we solely depend on online learning due to the complex nature of human beings and how we learn. 


The fundamentals of education is to make our humans human again; not to be caught up in the busy-ness and fads, but in truly helping us find our inner voice, to identify what we really want to achieve, and get up and do it. Our inspiration is much more than the “$500”. Our vision is far sharper than any high resolution multi-screens. To succeed, we definitely need more than the convenient 3-in-one solution.  


Evolve we shall. Stay ahead of the digital game, we will. But it takes so much more to truly thrive. Think like never before. See insights that are privy to a select few. Discover another dimension. Adapt and adapt fast. 


Create to change. Change so you can create.  

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