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M.A.D. Voice

Interview Series: 003

Ning Goh  

M.A.D. School Student


In this series of MAD Men interview, we have one of our award winning student to share with us about the recent commercial projects she has done and what are her thoughs on the school after completing her Year 1 here in MAD School.

Hi. I am Ning. I have been in this course for about a year now.


MAD: Do you remember how old were you where you started realising you have a passion for arts?

Ning: I only remember that I was very young. I don’t remember when it started. I think it has always an innate thing to draw. Having an interest in art started very young.


MAD: What inspires you?

Ning: So I like to travel a lot because I get expose to different cultures, and I see how things work in other countries. And that’s when I actually input things into my artwork as well.


My style of drawing is mainly fine tip pen on paper. I usually use fine tip of about 0.03 to 0.01. I start drawing with pencil on paper after that I ink in. I like to draw basically in black and then I will use spot colors after that. I also like working with watercolor because it is very fluid.


And I also accompany my drawings with poem. I think that is what’s unique about my artwork.


MAD: Understand that you are doing some commercial projects outside school. Will you like to share with us your recent projects?

Ning: So I actually did this zin thing for Noise Singapore in 2014. This was exhibited in the basement of Ion, Orchard.


I am currently working on the sideline on my mini project that is this curious case of Propoki thing. Propoki means cat in Hawaiian. It is largely inspired by my six cats at home. This series work a lot on darker theme. This is my mini project that I have been working on since 2014.


For the past three weeks last June I have been working on a commission work with DBS by DBS Regatta. They selected 8 artists, and each artist is given two panels on a cube. I did a drawing that link through like a rabbit hole. If you stand in the middle of both panels, you can see that the body of the botanist are connected. The theme that was given was “What’s your spark?” And I decided to illustrate my definition of a spark. My definition of a spark is something that doesn’t fit with age. So I portrayed myself as an elderly botanist, because I like flowers, as cliché as it sounds. Basically this elderly botanist has transcended through this rabbit hole to somewhere he found his true longing.


MAD: Last but not the least, will you also like to share some thoughts about our school having studied here for a year plus?

Ning: Before joining M.A.D. School, I was working with AVA in the animal welfare sector so I was investigating cruelty cases. What I really like about M.A.D. School is that the lecturers are all working in the industry, so from there I get to network with them and I get to expand my social network which is good for the future. And in that way this is how M.A.D. School is elevating my growth, and it is easier for me to enter the industry in the future.


Basically, lecturers get to focus on the students and I find that very useful. I did a diploma in LaSalle previously, and it is very different. Because right here I get a lot more attention from the lecturers, they help me to go further in the assignments I do.


The full interview was also recorded in video format and posted on our facebook page at


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