As a marketer, are you ready for the disruptions brought along by new technology? Will your skill-sets be obsolete in the near future? Is your job still robot-proof with artificial intelligence gaining acceptance in various industries quickly?

We have polled a number of marketing directors from global companies and marketing agencies' leaders to see what kind of skills they are looking for when they are making their hire for a managerial role in 2019.


Surprisingly, some of the usual suspects with the likes of SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc. did not even make it to the Top 10 list. 

Below are the Top 4 skills highlighted by the survey as some of the most sought after skills in a marketing manager.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Unlike executional digital marketing skills like SEO/SEM, being able to come out with a digital marketing strategy is considered a much more important skill when hiring for managerial positions.

This is because the functional roles can always be contracted out to agencies or freelancers but you can't say the same for the ones making the planning and strategising.

As such, a manager who is able to demonstrate his ability to come out with a robust digital marketing strategy will more likely stand out during an interview over the one who can run successful Google Ad campaigns, anytime.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping and Design (O2O)

In the current retail environment of vying for clients' wallets online-offline, the ability of being able to design and map customer's experience has become particularly important for hiring managers, especially for those working for retail brands.


Marketing managers are now expected to redesign, curate and prototype customer experience in various touchpoint from brand reachability, purchase processes to post-sales services.

Having a good grasp of customer's experiential design, especially in the new O-2-O retail model, will not only become an edge, but a must-know, for those in the retail business in time to come.

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Trending Technologies

No, we are not talking about the various marketing platforms.


It is the knowledge of trending technologies and the ability to learn and understand them, that will make a marketer highly sought after by a hiring manager. 

As one of the senior marketing director surveyed has mentioned, new marketing platforms are created so frequently that there is no use to have the knowledge on knowing how to use a single platform. The chances of you needing to adapt to another platform when you move company is almost a guarantee. 

A modern marketing manager must be able to have a good understanding of trending topics and technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Intelligence, etc. and how they can affect the behaviour of your consumers and your business.

Customer Behavioral Insights with Data Intelligence

One of the most underrated skill of digital marketing, and often not talked in depth about enough, will be the knowledge of harnessing raw data and knowing how to use it.

Understanding how digital is changing a buyer's purchase decision and being able to use collected data to come out with actionable outcomes has become the most important skill for almost every hiring manager.

Interestingly, everyone talks about data but nobody can confidently say that they are using it the best way possible. As one of the participants of the survey put it, "3 marketers can look at the same set of data and come out with 3 different conclusions".

Too many marketing managers are making decisions based on gut feeling and using data only to justify their actions, instead of the other way round.



"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest" -Benjamin Franklin

In MAD School, we understand marketers are facing tremendous challenges with the rise of digital economy and is trying to put together courses based on the above survey results, with the help of very experienced marketing industry practitioners.

Help us understand better what are the challenges you are facing and if you would like to have more information regarding the top skills identified by the survey.

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