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Top 5 Institutes Offering Courses on Digital Marketing in Asia

Written by: Nabila

The world of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. There are a couple of good institutions in Asia that conducts Digital Marketing courses and we will be sharing more on each of the 5 institutions we have shortlisted.

Everything is transitioning to the digital side now, every company, every business, and every e-commerce. Especially with the current Covid-19 situation, we are even more dependent on Digital Marketing as well as technology to promote our brand, products and services. Digital Marketing can be done both online and offline via various channels and platforms. To mention a few, one can do Digital Marketing by Social Media Platforms, Search Engines, Websites, Email, Mobile Apps and etc.

And in order to grow your businesses, you must first understand what the basics of Digital Marketing are. In today’s context, Digital Marketing is the most effective way to promote a product or service of your business. If you are interested in Digital Marketing and want to know where you and learn and pick up a course, don’t miss out on what we are going to share on the top 5 Digital Marketing institutes in Asia.

M.A.D. School (Singapore)

MAD School's students' trip to Google office in New York

MAD School is a school established by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy in Singapore in 2003. The school’s name is an acronym for “Marketing, Advertising, and Design”. It is an undergraduate and postgraduate school for studies in the fields of marketing, advertising and design.

Program Outline: The diploma in digital marketing course is a comprehensive programme, integrating both strategic and pragmatic approaches, to prepare you well to face marketing challenges in the digital world. Be it whether you are a newbie to digital marketing or a hot-seated marketer who is learning on the job, you will benefit from this well-thought-out communications programme that builds you a strong foundation in digital marketing. How digital technology changes our buying behaviours, what is social listening, how to develop content that builds your digital assets and more. it is also an equipping workshop that demands your creative muscle, polishes your art of storytelling and executes your great plans into published digital work.

Course Fees: SGD5,900

Address: Riverside Point, #03–22,30 Merchant Road, Singapore 058282

Tel: +65 6337 5449

University of Malaya (Malaysia)

Malaysia is a popular destination among Muslim students

The University of Malaya is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The University of Malaysia was established on 28 September in1905. UM has a varied program that one of them is a master in Digital marketing. The UM program specializes in building a career in Marking and Branding. They focus on marketing research skills and create a workable solution.

Program Offered: Master of Marketing

Program Outline: Master of Marketing (MMKT) is a fast-track and hands-on master’s degree programme that specialises on building career in marketing and branding. Students will be taught and supervised by experienced academics who are expert in their respective areas such as branding, marketing, consumer behaviours, integrated marketing communications, services, and retailing to name a few.

Course Fee: RM35,856

Address: University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: +603- 7967 4404



University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

The gateway to the 2nd largest economy in the world

The University of Hong Kong is located in the southeast of China and they were established in 1911. In fulfilling the mission of The University of Hong Kong in extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community, HKU SPACE aspires to be a world-class centre of excellence for the provision of professional and continuing education in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region.

Program Offered: Master of Science in Marketing

Program Outline: The MSc in Marketing is a two-year part-time programme jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University and HKU SPACE since the Year 2000. The programme aimed to equip students with the knowledge and intellectual capabilities to successfully develop a career in marketing management. Students will acquire the blend of skills needed to be a successful marketer including decision-making and problem-solving in complex, unpredictable and fast-changing environment, initiative and personal responsibility and the independent learning ability needed for continuing professional development.

Course Fee: HKD93,500

Address: G14, Ground Floor, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Fax: +852 28678315



United International Business School (Japan, Tokyo)

Language could be a barrier for many

The United International Business Schools organization aspires to be acknowledged as a private and independent association of business schools of the first choice for the quality of its undergraduate, graduate and executive programs and courses. They strive to provide students with the inspiring excellence of a private college, combined with the stimulating advantage of a small-scale, cross-cultural and English-speaking environment.

Program Offered: Master in Digital Marketing

Program Outline: Social Media and Online Communities, Digital Business Marketing, E-Commerce and Online Sales, Digital Business Innovation, Digital Marketing Strategies, Comprehensive Cases in Digital Marketing, Graduate Research Project in Digital Marketing (excluding core courses)

Course Fee: JPY2,880,000

Address: UIBS Spaces Business Center, Otemachi Building 1–6–1 Otemachi 100–0004 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +81 3 68413815


Middlesex University (Dubai)

Today Dubai and the country it is a part of, United Arab Emirates, are considered to be part of the continent of Asia.

Middlesex University Dubai is the first overseas campus of the internationally renowned Middlesex University in London. They are audited by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education and the Dubai campus is an integral part of this audit process. The Dubai campus is subject to the same rigorous quality assurance procedures that have earned Middlesex University the highest possible endorsement from the QAA. Academic programmes in Dubai have the same validation and monitoring system as in London, with the same examinations taken simultaneously in both cities. Whether in London or Dubai, Middlesex University students are prepared for a significant role in the global economy.

Program Offered: Master of Science — Strategic Marketing

Program Outline: The MSc Strategic Marketing will help students with no or limited knowledge of marketing to develop an advanced level of understanding and critical reflection of the key strategic marketing theories, frameworks and tools across a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors. Students will learn to apply this knowledge to complex strategic issues based on leading-edge research and practice in the field.

Course Fee: AED80,700

Address: Dubai Knowledge Park — Blocks 4,16, 17, & 19/ P.O. Box 500697

Tel: +971 (0) 43678100



MAD School's students' trip to a digital marketing conference in Bali

MAD School was also recently named by the Best in Singapore as one of the Top 5 Digital Marketing courses in Singapore.

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