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Top 5 Useful Marketing Platforms For Marketers in 2020

While there are hundreds of marketing strategies, trends, and tools to test out, it can be difficult to enact effective marketing, especially when you are unsure of which platform or tool can be useful for you.

It has been calculated in a recent survey that brands spend about $100 billion worldwide on digital marketing activities and, on average, these companies spend $958 million more than what was actually necessary.

This clearly shows that there is a need for companies to update their digital marketing strategies by using effective tools and platforms to increase their marketing performance and not just go for anything new and trending.

We have compiled a list of 5 useful platforms that we feel are helping us effectively, and will still remain highly relevant in 2020, with tools ranging from customer relationship management to search engine optimization.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that connects with your customers, builds campaigns in minutes and analyses the results with its built-in analytics to get the best insights for a seamless in-mail experience.

With your customers at heart, it helps you build personalized campaigns that best suit each individual recipient easily. In just a few simple steps, even a non-coding based marketer can do up a ready-to-launch campaign and watch it blossom.

With its built-in analytics, you are able to get real-time insights and plan your next move for a faster reach to your digital marketing goals.

As free cloud-based software, MailChimp is a good budget tool for small-medium set-ups with a smaller database to work on and allows you to scale up with paid plans when your business grows.

2. Ahrefs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in the generation of leads for companies as it can increase your website outreach and visibility online without the need to spend heavily on advertising. It also helps to boost sales by driving more relevant traffic to your site, which in turn provides more opportunities to convert these leads into buying customers.

Ahrefs is one tool that can help you increase your website traffic by generating data on thousands of relevant keyword suggestions from their ever-expanding huge database, allowing you to decide which keywords to focus on for your business.

As one of the world’s largest index of live backlinks, it is also a powerful tool for backlink research with their robots constantly crawling over 54 billion web pages, providing you with vital data.

You can also analyze your competitors’ SEO strategy by identifying their top pages, backlinks, content rankings and more.

3. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a simplified social media management solution; an all-in-one social media platform with scheduling, responding and reporting features.

It offers one of the most flexible scheduling options by allowing you to schedule / reschedule posts, queue and upload them in bulk, freeing you up to execute other pending marketing initiatives. You can even repost relevant social media posts from other pages, with resolution remaining as what it is from its original post.

It also allows different team members to manage separated social media tasks such as drafting posts and publishing them through its easy, real-time collaboration function.

One of the key features of Agorapulse is its built-in audience management function, which gives you deeper insights into your audience and allows you to separate them into relevant groups. This will aid you to easily discover noticeable brand ambassadors so that you can give them recognition or partner with them to increase your brand awareness.

4. Salesforce

Most will agree that the customer is king. But are we doing enough to ensure that every part of their journey with us has been carefully thought-out?

It is essential to build a healthy and stable relationship with your customer and that is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial in any business. But what is CRM?

A good CRM allows one to gain better insights and understand each individual customer’s needs and wants. With it, you can drive your business towards them and address any problems more efficiently and effectively. You will also be able to observe and keep track of their activities like website visits, phone calls, etc. as you grow and build the relationship you have with them.

Every opportunity is golden and agility is critical to grabbing it.

Stay ahead of others by identifying any new opportunity to reach out to your customer. Make them feel extra special and valued by your business through personalization and customization throughout your customer’s journey with you. As your business grows, CRM is the catalyst to close more deals and keep more customers intelligently.

Salesforce is like a one-stop CRM supermarket for you. Gain quick access to any data and information relating to your customers and use them to your benefit; from canvassing to contracts, events to accounts.

Connect with your customers in a whole new way and build strong lasting relationships with them with a well-thought-out CRM strategy. As the old saying goes: happy customers, better returns. Your customers can even become your strongest marketing tool!

5. Peatix

If your business requires you to organize workshops, conferences, and even performances, Peatix is the one marketing platform you shouldn’t go without. As a self-service event and ticketing platform, events management has never been simpler.

Peatix helps you grow your market by allowing you to gather interested individuals and build a passionate community of your brand by keeping them up to date about your new events through email and in-app notification.

As an organizer, Peatix also allows you to create an event page and start selling your tickets in less than 5 minutes and cost zero dollars to use it if you are not charging for your event. For paid events, a small transaction fee is chargeable for every ticket sold.

And who doesn’t like convenience?

As a mobile-friendly platform, your user’s journey of attending your event will be a fuss-free one for everything that can be done in just a few clicks with QR codes & in-app scanner available free of charge for organizers.

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